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…Music Archive Collection was set up to bring back to life some long lost, out of print classic albums. Albums by artists such as ABBA, Big Country, The Style Council, The Jam and eh – one of Paul’s favourites – Wet Wet Wet.

Back in 2004, ‘A Happy Pocket’ by the Trashcan Sinatras was also given the nod to be re-released – it is a classic after all.

Most of these releases were interactive CD’s. Pop them into your Mac or PC and some additional material was available for you to peruse while listening to the audio. Don’t know what’s wrong with my copy but it disnae work.

It’s a very clever idea and may have been a godsend if you’d been searching for what was once, one of the elusive Trashcan albums. Not so, if you were the band. I can’t imagine they would’ve seen any of the proceeds from the sale of this edition.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

AHP_umac_01John gets all the credit (or Stephen perhaps)…

AHP_umac_02AHP_umac_08AHP_umac_03AHP_umac_04AHP_umac_06AHP_umac_07AHP_umac_052004 Polygram Records/Universal Music Company 80100947

May 24, 2015, 7:53 pm
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He may be on the front cover, but it’s not Brett Anderson’s ‘Trash’ we’re talking about – although Suede’s Trash is a damn catchy pop tune all the same.

No folks, we’re talking about a full page press advert for the Trashcans’ second album, ‘I’ve Seen Everything’ which appeared in the July edition of well-respected Japanese music magazine, Rockin’ On.

Rock on…

rockin_on0793drockin_on0793crockin_on0793bUnfortunately, I failed my Japanese exam at school so I can’t bring you the translation for this review of ‘I’ve Seen Everything’, which appeared in the same magazine – I’m sure it was decent though.

rockin_on0793aJuly 1993 Rockin’ On Magazine (Japan)

Postcard from Nebraska
March 14, 2015, 11:43 am
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Hello again. It’s been a while. But welcome back, as they say.

I’m sure you are all well aware by now that the Trashcans have been tinkering away on some new material and are soon to share the fruits of their labour with us. It’s been some time since their last long player graced the airwaves. A five year gap between albums is the norm but this one has taken a wee bit longer for reasons which are well documented elsewhere, but it’s great news that we are all going to have something to enjoy very soon.

Way back in October of 2014 the Trashcans set up a Pledgemusic campaign. Pledgemusic is a clever way of connecting artists with their fans from the minute they step into the studio to the release of a project to the end of a tour and back again.

So, with that in mind, the four principles concocted a series of “exclusives” offering unique content, merchandise and experiences, allowing us fans to purchase various items to help with the funding of the new album’s recording.

These ranged from a simple download of the album, to a signed Fender Guild acoustic guitar to a production credit on the sleeve notes. There are still items available to buy here. Go and buy something and be part of the journey.

So, to get my hands on most of the exclusives I fancied, all food shopping, the Sky Sports account and my monthly subscription to MOJO magazine all went oot the window – it’s a small sacrifice!

The first exclusive on the list duly arrived in the post last week.
A postcard from Nebraska. Cheers guys!

To be continued…

nebraska_postcard01nebraska_postcard02Irvine – where the sun always shines.


Langhorne, PA
October 20, 2014, 9:00 pm
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Taken from the 2010 tour. I’m not sure who designed this poster – Shane, perhaps? Also, the imagery puzzles me too. Is it a representation of the four principles in the band I wonder?

Thanks Ben!


Horses Silhouette
September 21, 2014, 7:38 pm
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Here’s a poster for the band’s gig at Dante’s, Portland Oregon – part of the the 2004 tour which included over 50 appearances in Spain, England, Scotland and North America. This tour was the band’s first in support of fourth album, ‘Weightlifting’ and it was prior to the single, ‘All The Dark Horses’ being released the following year in the US.

More thanks go to Ben ‘Tour Manager’ Marts for sending this through.

dantes poster2004


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