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One At A Time
June 10, 2009, 8:07 pm
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Here are the US and European versions of second album ‘I’ve Seen Everything’.

Different from the UK version – which was released as a digipak – these were both released in a standard jewel case. The insert is pretty much the same, but the big difference, as you can see, is the CD itself.

Little known fact: The working title for ISE was ‘Spooktime’ and was then supposed to be called ‘Milk The Dwindling Hours’ after a lyric from ‘Claw’ but it was decided to exclude this song from the final pressing, and was eventually re-christened ISE.

ISE_useu_04ISE_useu_01European CD, this one from Germany.

ISE_useu_02US CD, notably different

ISE_useu_06ISE_useu_07ISE_useu_05ISE_useu_031993 Go! Discs/London 828412-2
1993 Go! Discs Ltd 828402-2

June 10, 2009, 7:44 pm
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…was released by Eddi Reader in 2006 and included a couple of songs written by John Douglas – namely ‘Prisons’ and ‘Should I Pray?’

Both these songs as you know appear on the TCS’ most recent long player ‘In The Music’.

‘Prisons’ is a simple, stripped down duet with John and Eddi swapping harmonies throughout and I think it’s just magic, whilst ‘Should I Pray’ takes on a different dimension with female lead vocals as opposed to TCS’ later version.

Another song covered by Eddi on this album is ‘The Afton’, written by Johnny Dillon from Heirloom – a band who were at one time graced with the talents of Mr John Douglas and Mr Livingston.

eddi_peacetime_02eddi_peacetime_01eddi_peacetime_06eddi_peacetime_04eddi_peacetime_05eddi_peacetime_032006 Rough Trade Records Ltd RTRADCD233

Doctor! Doctor! Gimme The News
June 10, 2009, 7:22 pm
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Eddi Reader’s ‘Medicine’ was the first single released from her third album, ‘Candyfloss And Medicine’ – a gentle musical ebb and hypnotical lyrical flow typical of her low key approach.

The single, which failed to bother the UK charts, included the Trashcan Sinatras penned song, ‘Earlies’.

I like the little comment, ‘Part 2 of the album ‘Sadenia Sings The Sinatras’ – an obvious reference to her cover versions of TCS songs.

eddi_earlies_04eddi_earlies_01eddi_earlies_02eddi_earlies_031996 Blanco Y Negro NEG95CD1

Ae Fond Tribute
June 9, 2009, 6:26 pm
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This is an excellent tribute CD from Eddi Reader to Scotland’s Bard, Robert Burns.

Eddi Reader has never hidden her love for Burns and it shows on this fantastic release, where she brings her own unique arrangements to his poems.

Backed by a who’s who of international artists such as John McCusker, Boo Hewerdine, Phil Cunningham, Roy Dodds and Christine Hanson the album was recorded in a mere three days and includes one track not written by Burns.

That track is ‘Wild Mountainside’, written by Mr John Douglas – but you knew that didn’t you. It’s a cracking version and includes the amazing Kate Rusby on harmony vocals.

A deluxe version of this CD with 7 additional songs was subsequently released not long ago – seek it out, ‘n a’ that.

eddi_burns_06eddi_burns_01eddi_burns_04eddi_burns_02eddi_burns_03eddi_burns_052003 Rough Trade Records Ltd

Dedication. That’s What You Need
June 3, 2009, 6:21 pm
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Here’s a press cutting from the June 2009 issue of Japanese music magazine ‘Rockin’ On’. It includes a recent interview with the band (mainly Frank via telephone), where new album ‘In The Music’ is discussed.

Translation may follow, if I get clearance – which means my headline doesn’t make much sense. Sorry!

itm_rockinon_inter02itm_rockinon_inter012009 Rockin’ On Magazine June issue (Japan)

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