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Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges
June 24, 2009, 7:29 pm
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If my memory serves me right this badge – with the band name – was available around the ‘Cake’ era along with a couple of others printed with ‘I Hate Music’ and ‘The Cliché Kills’. Not sure how many more there were.

Nice though.


Nobody Does It Better
June 21, 2009, 8:05 pm
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Here’s a recent article which appeared in the Scottish Sunday Mail.

It includes a small interview with Billy Sloan and Scotland’s Top Music Writer – John Douglas (sorry Billy)


Here’s the article:

TRASHCAN SINATRAS guitarist John Douglas fulfilled a childhood dream when Carly Simon agreed to sing on their new album.

He sent a fan letter to the You’re So Vain legend begging her to guest on In The Music.

The Scot could not believe it when the Oscar and Grammy winner promised to duet on the track Should I Pray.

The band flew to the US to record in New York and Martha’s Vineyard, where Carly lives.

John said: “Carly’s an amazing songwriter with a beautiful, distinctive voice. I got introduced to her 1972 album No Secrets by one of my first girlfriends. Carly’s songs meant a lot to me over the years.”

In The Music was produced by Andy Chase, who passed a note to Carly via a friend.

John said: ” Andy thought it would not happen. But I sent Carly a note saying No Secrets was the soundtrack to my early romance. She loved the track and said she’d do it.”

Carly couldn’t visit the studio for their sessions.

John said: “We never got to see Carly tape her vocal. But she said it was the best new song she’d heard in years.

“Two months later I received the finished track at home in Glasgow. All my teenage dreams came true.”

In The Music – their first full studio album since 2004’s Weightlifting – features brilliant new single I Wish You’d Met Her, released on July 27.

The album is out on September 14 and they plan a US and UK tour and set at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan.

It’s been hailed as their most upbeat. John – whose partner is Eddi Reader – said: “Our singer Frank Reader – Eddi’s brother – and guitarist Paul Livingston both got married.

“I’ve been really happy with Eddi for years. I think something’s in the air.”

smail_210609_321 June 2009 Sunday Mail

Four-Song Miracle
June 15, 2009, 6:00 pm
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A very long promotional advert for debut single ‘Obscurity Knocks’, which appeared in UK music paper NME.

nme_17039017 March 1990 NME Magazine

I Got Carried Away
June 10, 2009, 8:36 pm
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…when ‘Weightlifting’ was released, and I obtained as many copies as I could – as you would with such a fine album.

Here we have the UK and US versions (deluxe and Japanese versions previously posted). Same songs of course, slightly different packaging – but then I like that sort of thing.

Both released in jewel case format the CD is identical, but the real difference is in the lyric booklet, where the background images have been transposed onto different pages – clever eh?

weight_ukus_03weight_ukus_01weight_ukus_04weight_ukus_05weight_ukus_022004 Picnic Records PIC008 (UK)
2004 spinART Records SPART154

I Think I Need A Therapist
June 10, 2009, 8:26 pm
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This one has puzzled me for years.

Although bought in the UK on the day of release, my copy of third album ‘A Happy Pocket’ comes from Germany. This may well have been the norm for labels to manufacturer their CDs overseas (cheap labour) as I have other CDs, Cassettes etc which are made in Europe, but I would have thought a UK release would be made in the UK – or am I being stupid.

The official TCS discography has a separate listing for the UK version – so it does exist. Does it? Surely?

I think I need to lie down.

Update: I finally came across the UK version. A Happy Pocket = An Empty Pocket.

AHP_ger_03AHP_ger_02I never liked the design on the CD – could never read the writing – but it’s still my favourite album


Some copies – like this one – had promo information included, although it’s not a promo CD.

AHP_ger_07AHP_ger_041996 Go! Discs Ltd 828696-2

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