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Foxy Lady
March 19, 2010, 4:31 pm
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– “…I is a lover, you is a tiger…we could have such a good time…”

The new Trashcans e.p. ‘Town Foxes’ is a collaboration with long-time friends and touring partners in Japan, Sunny Day Service.

They joined forces recently for this 2 track Japanese only e.p. on Rose Records. The A-side is the Trashcans recorded demo verison of the song whilst the B-side is a Japanese version “Yume iro no machide”, sung by Keiichi Sokabe over the TCS backing track.

Limited to 500 copies it was made available at the recent Japanese shows on 1-4 March 2010.

There are no photo credits on the sleeve.

March 2010 Rose Records ROSE104 (Japan)

Subterranean Blues!
March 19, 2010, 2:34 pm
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Ladbroke Grove Subterania is now a bar/club specialising in dance and hip hop music. In a previous incarnation, however, it was a hip and happening live music venue.

Situated in London’s Notting Hill, the venue played host to number of bands from the surrounding area. Psychedelic rock band Hawkwind formed here in 1969. The Deviants and Pink Fairies were groups out of the Ladbroke Grove UK underground movement, from which a number of bands would later emerge. The most famous of these being punk group The Clash who formed locally in 1976. The Westway – which is mentioned in their song ‘London’s Burning’ –  runs across Ladbroke Grove Road.

In 1990, the Trashcans – fresh from their summer tour with labelmates The La’s – had the pleasure of playing the venue supporting The Perfect Disaster – an alternative rock band from London. Formed by Phil Parfitt in 1980, they released four albums before splitting up in 1991, with other members going on to form or join bands such as Fields of the Nephilim, The Breeders, and Ultra Vivid Scene.

Here’s what Andy Stout from Sounds had to say…

17 February 1990 Sounds Magazine

Sounds Like One To Watch
March 19, 2010, 2:27 pm
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A decent review from Tim Peacock of debut single ‘Obscurity Knocks’, which appeared in Sounds magazine in 1990.

17 February 1990 Sounds Magazine

His Master’s Voice
March 13, 2010, 10:39 am
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…is, as you know, commonly known as HMV – an international entertainment retail chain and one of the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Walk in to any store and you’ll hear all kinds of music spinning on the in-store jukebox.

If you walked in around May 1993, however, you’d probably have walked straight back out again, judging by what was playing on this in-store promo video.

Included here is the promo video for The Trashcans’ single ‘I’ve Seen Everything. Others include M People, Oceanic, Stereo MCs and Dinosaur Jr – who at a push, would be the only other artist to receive pass marks.

1993? – it was all a big mistake.

Look very closely and you’ll see Mr Livingston trying to cheat at cards.

29 May – 19 June 1993 HMV Instore Promo

San Francis(co)
March 11, 2010, 9:13 pm
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Way back in February 1991, the Trashcans played a gig at the Paradise Lounge in San Francisco, as part of the Gavin Convention – a kind of get-together for radio industry members – where bands would showcase their material.

If they were lucky, said bands would appear in The Gavin Report, a San Francisco-based radio industry trade publication. This report was founded by radio performer Bill Gavin in 1958 and its Top 40 listings were used for many years by programmers to decide content of programs.

I have no idea if the Trashcans made it into the report, but I am assured by Thea Newcomb, the gig was excellent and I’m not just talking about the music. The band gave away CAKES at the gig. Fruit cakes to be precise, with a little promo sticker on it for their debut album. Magic eh?

Thea is a radio presenter, filmmaker, photographer and has recorded sessions and interviewed the band many times over the years.

Thanks to Thea for sending through the badge.

15 February 1991 Paradise Lounge, San Francisco (US)

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