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If You See Syd…
January 16, 2011, 10:14 am
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…tell him he wrote ‘Oranges & Apples’.

He didn’t of course, he wrote ‘Apples and Oranges’ – but tell that to compilers of this French release.

‘Apples and Oranges’, was one of the final songs written by Syd Barrett while he was still a member of The Pink Floyd. It was released in 1967 and is quoted to be about a girl who he saw just walking round Richmond town centre.

‘Oranges & Apples’, however, is an entirely different song altogether. Inspired by Syd who passed away in 2006, it was written, as you well know, by the Trashcan Sinatras and the single was released in conjunction with a charity festival in Syd’s honour that took place in Cambridge and London in October, 2008.

Now, in my search for Trashcan obscurities, I came across this double CD. 26 tracks in total it features a plethora of artists including Bright Eyes, Ben Folds, The Lemonheads and The Magic Numbers, all of them covering songs by various different artists – except for one that is.

And this is where the confusion starts. Track 13 on CD2 has the Trashcans’ ‘Oranges & Apples’. Fair enough you say, but it’s not a cover version. It is, however, credited to Syd Barrett. There are also no publishing credits printed with the record company info either.

Have they used this track without permission? I hope not, but it does look like it.

As super sleuth Inspector Clouseau once said, ‘Roger and goodbye’.

2008 ReprisesInrocks Vol.2 Les Editions Independantes/Les Inrockuptibles

Triple A
October 23, 2010, 9:49 am
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The US Billboard publishes many different music charts, following various music styles: rock, country, dance and even ringtones for mobile phones. The most famous charts are the Hot 100 and Billboard 200s.

At the end of each year, Billboard tallies the results of all of its charts, and the results are published in a year-end issue. On a regular basis compilation CDs – like this one – are produced for these charts of upcoming singles, albums etc. This one included the Trashcans’ ‘Bloodrush’, which became a US only release. Other artists on the CD included Suzanne Vega and The Kinks.

The CD was released in conjunction with the Adult album alternative (also known as “Triple A”) radio, most of which are alternative rock songs that are aimed towards an older audience.

June 1993 The Hard Report Inc (US)

Networking (Part 9)
August 31, 2010, 6:45 pm
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The Album Network was set up to generate interest in alternative music. It would develop and maintain radio and retail charts of up and coming artists through college and alternative radio stations and nationwide retail record outlets.

These charts also provided weekly record review columns as well as weekly summarisations of goings-on in the alternative music sector and from time-to-time a CD, like this one, would be released.

Most were hit and miss, but depending on your tastes, you could have got lucky and discovered some decent songs.

The Trashcans’ second single (according to the sleeve notes) ‘Obscurity Knocks’ is included on this one alongside Pop Will Eat Itself, The Hollow Men, Inspiral Carpets and the Chicksaw Mudd Puppies.

Inspiring stuff!

21 January 1991 The Album Network (US)

And You Will Find…
June 26, 2010, 8:53 am
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…only if you look hard enough that is – the rare sight of the sample CD for fourth album, ‘Weightlifting’.

The little white squares on the reverse of the inlay card would have been numbered to indicate which tracks were included – 5 or 6 songs normally. This copy had no indication of how many were included, but when I popped it into the old CD player – 12 tracks were duly displayed. A ‘Brucie’ bonus don’t you think.

The band photography was by Colin Dunsmuir and the sleeve was designed by Kevin Hobbs.


Live Series Radio Sessions Vol.2
June 9, 2010, 6:12 pm
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Featuring 17 tracks, this CD of radio and other session performances was recorded during the 2009 ‘In The Music’ world tour.

The CD comes in a simple cardboard sleeve and includes at least one song from each of the band’s 5 studio albums, with the tracks split between acoustic and full band.

It also includes one unreleased song called ‘Stairs of New York’ – kind of a funny song about the band’s adventures in New York. The song was taken from the recent session they recorded for Daytrotter.

1 June 2010 Bobame Recordings bobame 009 (US)

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