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Just Like That…
February 8, 2009, 6:29 pm
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Recorded at the Fez club in New York City over two nights in December 2004, ‘Fez’ is entirely acoustic. At the time of recording the band were touring North America. The majority of the tracks are recorded from the second night’s show and catches the band in top form. The CD was released in the USA to coincide with the band’s appearance at the 2005 South by Southwest music festival and upcoming US tour.

Below you will find the UK, US and Japanese pressings of this release. The song list remains the same across the three copies. The differences are in the packaging where the Japanese release includes a Japanese liner notes booklet with English lyrics. The stickers on the front of the Japanese release refer to the band’s appearance at the 2006 Fuji Festival.

Definitely one of my Desert Island Discs.

fez_08fez_01fez_05Note the differences in colour of the CD. The Japanese pressing in the middle is a much lighter print. The US release has slightly different type where it includes December 2004.

fez_09fez_04Here’s the booklet from the Japanese release – typical attention to detail.

fez_03fez_10The reverse of the CD casing, from left to right; US release, Japanese release and UK release.

fez_02fez_11fez_06fez_072005 BoBame Recordings BOBAME006 (USA)
2005 Picnic Records PIC009 (UK)
2006 Victor Entertainment VICP-63485 (Japan)

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I don’t know of any other band where the desert island album is a live album, but this is definitely it. I always feel like the live albums are second tier…but not in this case. The Sinatras live are unbelievable and this recording is nothing short of perfection.

Comment by mark

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