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24hr Party People?
May 2, 2009, 7:31 am
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Here’s an article from UK music paper ‘Sounds’.

sounds_1703901…and here’s what it says…

With the small-scale success of their wittily-titled ‘Obscurity Knocks’ single, Trash Can Sinatras have embraced the hell raisin’ rock lifestyle to the full – with cups of tea backstage in Leeds, and a seat in the Ladies toilets for a dressing room. Tim Peacock reports…

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome John, Paul, George and…um, Frank and Stephen!

No. no. hold on – nobody’s about to suggest that Scotland’s latest classy pop toreadors, Trash Can Sinatras, are gathering any dubious ‘New Beatles’ awards, but their ability to write sparkling pop melodies with a knowing slant is undeniable.

This decidedly affable, gutsy quintet originally emerged from a ‘covers only’ club band cocoon three years ago.

And, after several line-up shuffles, they have plunged into contention with the cast of Frank Read (vocals), John Douglas (acoustic guitarist and ‘haircut with attitude’), Paul Livingstone (lead guitarist), and the reliable rhythmic machinations of bassist George McDaid and drummer Stephen Douglas.

“It was actually one of the former members of the band who came up with the name Trash Can Sinatras,” explains John in his Scottish burr.

It sums up the ultimate collision of a garage band with the sort of classic melodies peddled by Ol’ Frank himself?

“That’s very good,” laughs John. “That’s nice, but we’d not even imagined that. I suppose we do write melodic songs, but I don’t mind a bit of noise too. Keep people guessing.”

After releasing their wittily-titled ‘Obscurity Knocks’ debut single on Go! Discs, the Trash Cans look capable of following label mates The Beautiful South and Norman Cook’s Beats International into the Top 40 – a prospect that’s been accompanied by an unprecedented burst of live action.

The past fortnight has seen the boys inching their way to acceptance supporting They Might Be Giants around the country.

“We played the Duchess Of York in Leeds with them and ended up with the ladies toilets as our dressing room!” Paul admits, with a broad grin, before affirming that general fatigue is now beginning to take its toll in the Sinatra camp.

“We’ve just finished a session for Mark Goodier’s show. It was done in a hurry and I think Frank’s voice is just about shot by now.”

And there’s me thinking you were 24-hour boozin ‘n’ partyin’ people…

“Oh, we usually are,” concurs Paul, again creasing like a Cheshire cat. “But tonight it’s cups of tea instead.”

Indeed, the Strathclyde heroes were distinctly lacklustre supporting The Blue Aeroplanes at Sheffield’s Leadmill. But, even allowing for this, The Trash Cans’ pop pedigree was apparent – be it coursing through the brash ‘Obscurity Knocks’ or a circling ballad like ‘Best Man’s Fall’.

Spill the beans, Then, John. When’s your new album due?

“It’ll be out in May for sure. There’ll be a few surprises, too – some harder moments than you might expect.”

So now you know. In the meantime, the Sinatras have their own studio in Kilmarnock, a stone’s throw from their sleepy west coast hometown of Irvine. A result of wisely investing Go! Discs’ advance?

“Aye. Go! Discs are very good people to work with,” acknowledges John. “Very go-ahead. They could even be bothered to come to Scotland to see us after we sent them our demo.”

A worthwhile trek, if ever there was. And Go! Discs wouldn’t have needed Hughie Green to point out the opportunity rather than have obscurity knocking.

Trashies: The ultimate garage band collides with the melodies of Ol’ Frank

Sounds Magazine 17 March 1990

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