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Free Gratis
May 13, 2009, 8:02 am
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Small poster from May 1996 promoting a free gig at the University of Sheffield.

I think this was around the time the band were supporting Lloyd Cole – minus his Commotions – hopefully someone can confirm this.

sheffield20 May 1996

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Trying to remember exactly what tour this was,I remember me and Frank driving straight back up the road after a Sheffield gig,but I thought it was a Friday night…….ah just a thought…this might have been the day we met Willie Nelson,Davy Hughes brought him up to the hotel room…

Comment by Iain Wilson

That’s a great wee story Iain but has now caused me a bit of confusion. They didn’t play two gigs that day did they?
Looking way back at some gig lists, they played the Leadmill in Sheffield the same day.

Comment by fivehungryjoes

I remember The Uni gig at Sheffield,I can still picture the gig,I’m wondering if it was a wee diversion on one of the tours in 96(IS IT DEFO 96?)….the reason I think it was an addition to the tour(minus Lloyd Cole) was because we did not stay the night in Sheffield,we only had a “day room” at The Holiday Inn?? and that’s how we came to meet Willie Nelson who was also staying there….where we went onto after the gig,I dont really recall

Comment by Iain Wilson

Must be ’96 Iain. This is a bit anal, but the only other time 20 May fell on a Monday was in 1991 and 2002. The photo on the flyer is too late for ’91 and they didnae tour in 2002, so maybe they did play an extra gig that day.

Comment by fivehungryjoes

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