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Sweet Nothings!
May 20, 2009, 6:26 pm
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Here’s a 4-star review from June 1996 in the Tower Records magazine, for ‘A Happy Pocket’.


Like Sugar Puffs, the Trash Can Sinatras are honey-coated. Back in the deep and distant past (1989, actually), they released the incontrovertibly sublime ‘Cake’ album, which became a little corner of the music world all its own, filled with jingle jangle melodies so warm and enveloping they protected you like a Ready Brek glow. Further inspection confirmed that singer Frank Reader (brother of Eddi, fact fans) was also a lyricist of ingenious wordplay, laying pun upon pun, betwixt tongue-in-cheek and wry arched-eyebrow. Then they disappeared, briefly re-emerging with their second album, ‘I’ve Seen Everything’, in 1993, before slipping from view once more. Their eternal low-profile is about to take a battering, however, because their third album, ‘A Happy Pocket (Go Discs)****, is a treat. Slimmer and more taut, this is possibly the first time their production hasn’t swamped their seductive sound, but otherwise it’s business as usual. Like the best of Aztec Camera and Orange Juice, there’s unmitigated joy in each of their songs; hazy and summery, gorgeous, coy, and liberally frosted with sugar. A delight.

tower_02June 1996 Tower Records Magazine

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