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I Think I Need A Therapist
June 10, 2009, 8:26 pm
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This one has puzzled me for years.

Although bought in the UK on the day of release, my copy of third album ‘A Happy Pocket’ comes from Germany. This may well have been the norm for labels to manufacturer their CDs overseas (cheap labour) as I have other CDs, Cassettes etc which are made in Europe, but I would have thought a UK release would be made in the UK – or am I being stupid.

The official TCS discography has a separate listing for the UK version – so it does exist. Does it? Surely?

I think I need to lie down.

Update: I finally came across the UK version. A Happy Pocket = An Empty Pocket.

AHP_ger_03AHP_ger_02I never liked the design on the CD – could never read the writing – but it’s still my favourite album


Some copies – like this one – had promo information included, although it’s not a promo CD.

AHP_ger_07AHP_ger_041996 Go! Discs Ltd 828696-2

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My favorite album as well. Would it be possible to mention the differences between the German and the UK versions? What is written on the CD itself on the UK version (no Biem/Stemra 200-600 r.p.m.?). Thanks,

Comment by Randy Schreck

Hi Randy, the only difference on the CD is the inner ring of the playing side states ‘Made in the UK’ as opposed to Germany. Front label, booklet etc are exactly the same.

Comment by fivehungryjoes

this could get long… I don’t know the particulars as to that release, but in my experience, pressing CDs is relatively cheap and easy to do. I recall around ’96 GoDiscs selling to Polygram [who’s parent co. was Dutch & invented/own CD technology?]. anyway, it’s a combo of where you could manufacture a CD combined with the import duty and cost to ship or import a record. When I was running a label in the US in ’96, it was only like a $.01 duty to import a CD from the EU, tho shipping costs were much more unless you boated them across. Assuming this likely true in the UK, it may have been easy or convenient to make a pressing of CDs where Polygram had the most machines/availability to press a batch. This is even truer today than then with so few competing labels, especially when making vinyl records.

Comment by ben marts

Interesting read Ben and does make a lot of sense. It was quite frustrating not being able to fin a UK version – very happy when I eventually tracked one down. Cheers!

Comment by fivehungryjoes

as to the “promo”, that looks like someone paid an independent promotion team to “work” or promote the CD for radio play [or print hype] and your pic shows suggested tracks [for airplay?]. that company still has a website and today [5/13] are working 2 X-Factor artists… not exactly the TCS of today? or maybe so much more true. All it means is that someone [band’s mgmt or even the label themselves?] thought that these song pluggers would do a better job getting radio stations to play the band’s songs/CD than the label’s own staffers. it shows commitment that someone would pay “extra” [these guys are usually called “indies” for independent promotion] and cost more to have them on the case.

Comment by ben marts

X-Factor? Dear oh dear. Not a coincidence I guess that the recommended songs are the singles. Interesting how it all works.

Comment by fivehungryjoes

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