Five Hungry Joes – A pictorial archive of the Trashcan Sinatras. Legendary Scottish Band

Vive La Killie!
July 24, 2009, 6:30 pm
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POPnews is a popular French based webzine that sporadically releases CD compilations which include some truly fantastic tracks.

POPvolume#2 is no exception, with the wonderful Astrid, Lambchop, Orwell and the Trashcans included. John Douglas used to go busking and the track, ‘In Capitals’, which features on this CD, was written about those days.

On the POPnews website the following accompanies the CD review…

“Kilmarnock must be a very very remote city so that the news of Trash Can Sinatras arrives to us also sporadically. It must also be a splendid city if the songs reflect their geographical origins. After 3 albums received by enthusiastic critical greeting but timid public reactions the TCS have returned (finally! shout the despaired fan) and give us (in exclusivity) the fruit in their long studio work. Misty like the plains of Scotland the melody escapes slowly from a crystal guitar. It feels great to hear them again”.

Very deep Monsieur.

popvolume_03popvolume_05popvolume_01popvolume_04popvolume_022001 POPnews PNW002 (France)

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