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August 29, 2009, 10:32 am
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…Trashcan Sinatras in Modern Rock scandal.

I don’t think I could ever class the Trashcans in the modern rock category. Class? Definitely. Modern Rock? Nah.

I’m not sure where to put them, and if their Facebook and MySpace profiles are anything to go by, neither do they.

So how they ended up on this FMQB promo I’m not entirely sure – and what dodgy company they keep too. In amongst ‘Bloodrush’ we have tracks from Butthole Surfers, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and eh, The Chowderheads.

FMQB stands for Friday Morning Quarterback and is a trade magazine which covers Music and Radio industries in the United States. Based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey it began in 1968 and covers programming, management, music, promotion, marketing, imaging, and airplay for Rock, Modern Rock (Alternative) and Adult Contemporary formats in its 40+ glossy pages.

Rock on guys!

fmqb_02fmqb_03fmqb_011993 FMQB Vol.II/#3 (US)

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“Modern rock” in the USA was called “new wave” in Asia. I used to use one term over the other depending on the person I was speaking to. LOL.

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