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Taking The Piste!
November 21, 2009, 7:47 pm
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Over the years the Trashcans have appeared on numerous compilations – some good, some not so – but this one from Greece is possibly the worst.

‘Escape’ appears to be an online lifestyle and culture magazine – a sort of what’s on in Greece type of thing. At one stage in it’s history, before going digital, it was accompanied by a free CD like the one below.

‘I’ve Seen Everything’ by the Trashcans is here amongst an amazing mix of artists including New Order, Dodgy, James Taylor Quartet and er, Incognito.

Whoever put this one together was obviously on some sort of medication as I cannae quite imagine myself listening to ISE whilst weaving my merry way down the French Alps.


1996 Polygram Records/Escape Magazine CD372-2 (Greece)

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oops, sorry I pointed out what bturns out to be such a goofy piece, Colin! At least it’s rare, so still a deserving piece in your impressively growing collection! Now, by the way, have you seen or got the “crush” 2 cd compilation listed on discogs…

Comment by doug mclaren

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