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San Francis(co)
March 11, 2010, 9:13 pm
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Way back in February 1991, the Trashcans played a gig at the Paradise Lounge in San Francisco, as part of the Gavin Convention – a kind of get-together for radio industry members – where bands would showcase their material.

If they were lucky, said bands would appear in The Gavin Report, a San Francisco-based radio industry trade publication. This report was founded by radio performer Bill Gavin in 1958 and its Top 40 listings were used for many years by programmers to decide content of programs.

I have no idea if the Trashcans made it into the report, but I am assured by Thea Newcomb, the gig was excellent and I’m not just talking about the music. The band gave away CAKES at the gig. Fruit cakes to be precise, with a little promo sticker on it for their debut album. Magic eh?

Thea is a radio presenter, filmmaker, photographer and has recorded sessions and interviewed the band many times over the years.

Thanks to Thea for sending through the badge.

15 February 1991 Paradise Lounge, San Francisco (US)

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