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Tonight, You Belong To Me
December 3, 2011, 6:09 pm
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A very early promo cassette from Go! Discs featured the Trashcans’ version of ‘Tonight You Belong To Me’ – a song written in 1926 by lyricist Billy Rose and composer Lee David.

The song – widely known for its appearance in Steve Martin’s film ‘The Jerk’ – is a wee bit longer than the original composition and features Frank duetting with his sister Richael.

Some copies – like this one – came in a wee metal tin. Other artists included on the tape include The La’s, Orbital, Meat Puppets and a personal ‘favourite’, Bananarama.


1991 Go! Discs / London Records / FFRR Records / Polygram SAC383 (US)

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Ha! I was Tour Mgr for La’s at that gig in 1991 @ NYC Marquee [RIP]. Famous for me as I wouldn’t let Depeche Mode take over our dressing room as they’d flown it due to cancelling a gig in Ottawa so thier riggers wouldn’t get exposed to asbestos in Ottawa’s ceiling. I later in 1995 TM’d Meat Puppets all year working “Backwater.” And have been a TM 4 TCS since ’04. Small world. But I didn’t get a wee tin of promo for that record?! How did I miss TCS back then?

Comment by ben marts

Nice wee story Ben and good on you for sticking it to Depeche Mode. Keep up the good work man.

Comment by fivehungryjoes

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