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The Wee Stinker

Early Trashcan songs were full of clever wordplay – not that their most recent stuff isn’t – but it was interesting to discover that, ‘The Wee Stinker’, a crossword in Scotland’s Glasgow Herald became the inspiration for some of their lyrics.

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22 August 2021 The Herald on Sunday


Out for a spell, got neglected…
July 9, 2018, 1:44 pm
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… lay on the bench, unselected – is a fantastic lyric from the Trashcan Sinatras’ ‘I’m Immortal’. Reminds me of my playing days at Irvine Vics!

However, the band have recently received some well-deserved recognition – not before time I say. In a recent poll by the Glasgow Herald newspaper, the band’s second album, ‘I’ve Seen Everything’ was voted number 2 in a Top 10 of Scotland’s all-time favourite albums.

The band are now off the bench, on the pitch and playing alongside the so-called big boys of the Scottish music scene including Belle & Sebastian, Deacon Blue, Love & Money, Teenage Fanclub, Cocteau Twins and winners, The Blue Nile.

Off the back of this, an article has appeared in today’s Herald with lead singer Frank Reader explaining where the band are now after releasing their sixth album, ‘Wild Pendulum’ in 2016.

The article is written by Craig McAllister. You can find more of Craig’s work over at the quite brilliant music blog Plain or Pan.




9 July 2018 Glasgow Herald

Wise Words
November 17, 2009, 9:02 pm
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The Glasgow Herald’s Stuart Morrison gives a five-star review of the Trashcans’ recent Oran Mor gig on Thursday 12 Novemebr 2009.

Here’s the review in full…

Candidates for the Kevin McDermott award for bands who should be a lot bigger than they are, Trashcan Sinatras arrived onstage at Oran Mor with a new album to show off and on this evidence, a very bright future indeed.

The album, In The Music, is a beautiful thing and got a good airing here. I Wish You’d Met Her opened proceedings and set the tone for the evening, loping along, as it did, in typically laid-back fashion. And whilst they can be almost too laid back for their own good sometimes, In The Music is their fifth studio album in nineteen years, there is something indefinably right about them. Certainly, they sit neatly in the softer end of the indie market, alongside the likes of Travis and Belle and Sebastian, but underpinning their songs is, not only superb musicianship, but also beautiful arrangements. You can hear that the lengthy gaps between releases have not been wasted.

Of course, they were playing to the converted. The West End was out in force and Oran Mor was packed with people who knew all the songs and had, clearly, loved this band from the start. And whilst the new album dominated the set, the back catalogue yielded the likes of I’ve Seen Everything and the lovely Weightlifting.


The stand out, for me, though, was their tribute to the late Syd Barrett, Oranges and Apples. It’s a wonderfully lazy, psychedelic tribute to Pink Floyd’s founder and in one song, summed up everything the Trashcans do so well.

16 November 2009 Glasgow Herald

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