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It’s Hip To Be Square…
April 16, 2011, 9:42 am
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…well, round actually.

Manufactured by Grants of Dalvey – way up in the Scottish Highlands – here’s a very rare promotional TCS hip flask. Shiny isn’t it?

Originally, it was thought this was released during 1996 by the Go! Discs label to promote third album ‘A Happy Pocket’, but prior to posting this story, I’ve been reliably informed (thanks Mr Livingston), that it was in fact produced around the time of first album, ‘Cake’.

Either way, very limited numbers were issued to DJs and the like, and I believe certain band members still have them in their possession too.

Hip indeed!

Apologies, but I ate all the shortbread and couldnae find ma bagpipes…

1990 Go! Discs Ltd

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