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Just Like Travis…
August 17, 2014, 8:06 pm
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…only more original and believable.

Here’s a promo poster for a series of gigs the Trashcans’ played at the 2004 South-by-Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. There’s more info on the band’s time at the festival here.

Big thank you to Ben ‘Tour Manager’ Marts for sending this through.

sxsw2004 poster2004

Can You Feel The Force…
October 19, 2009, 9:53 pm
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With the support of the Scottish Arts Council, a record number of Scottish bands performed in Austin, Texas at the South-by-Southwest (SxSW) music and film festival in 2004.

The ‘Scottish Invasion’ as it was affectionately known, was an opportunity for a number of the bands including the Trashcans to showcase their talents. Others acts who performed included Biffy Clyro, Idlewild and Hobotalk.

Between March 17-21 the Trashcans made a number of appearances and interviews in support of the upcoming ‘Weightlifting’ album, with their official SxSW showcase gig, taking place at midnight at the Fox and Hound on Friday March 19.

Here’s a promo CD from this time. All tracks are studio recordings.

sxsw_comp_03sxsw_comp_01sxsw_comp_022004 Scottish Music Centre / Nemis (New Music in Scotland)

Stuff This!
June 2, 2009, 9:22 pm
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Promotional CD in association with spinART Records and Stuff Magazine for the Trashcan’s appearance at the SxSW Music Festival in 2005.

The studio version of ‘All The Dark Horses’ is included here amongst other artists such as The Dears, Clem Snide, Apollo Sunshine and Frank Black (Pixies).

Stuff Magazine is an extensive buyers’ guide review of the latest in technology and lifestyle essentials.

Lifestyle essential = TCS

stuff_01stuff_02stuff_03stuff_042005 spinART Records (US)

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