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June 26, 2011, 11:39 am
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…is the latest long player from Lotte Kestner – a solo project of Anna-Lynne Williams, lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist of Seattle based Trespassers William.

She started recording solo music under the name Lotte Kestner in 2007 and released a collection of songs on the album, China Mountain. This follow-up is an intriguing mix of cover versions from artists including Bon Iver, The Natonal, Eels, The Cure, New Order and Interpol.

The song, however, that brought me to this CD was her sublime cover of the Trashcan Sinatras’, ‘Earlies’. I could give you my own take on how good it is, but I thought it would be better coming straight from the horses mouth, as they say.

Here’s what John Douglas had to say: “I am honoured by Lotte’s beautifully sung version of ‘Earlies’. She effortlessly captures the feeling of yearning and nostalgia inherent in the song. I thank whatever drew her to the song and wish her well with the recording”. Seal of approval don’t you think.

Don’t steal it. Buy it here.

A wee foot note: Matt Brown, who is the other half of Trespassers William, was once on the same record label of a very good friend of mine. The very gifted de trop

2011 Saint-Loup Records SLR02


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