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Moody Blues
February 8, 2011, 11:25 am
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Not the best review of second album, ‘I’ve Seen Everything’ from NME’s Paul Moody.

But it could have been worse I suppose – he could have been reviewing The Bluebells.

29 May 1993 NME

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Ouch. After seeing almost exclusively positive reviews over the years regarding nearly everything TCS has done, that one is harsh.

Comment by Randy

….and then I see the Only Tongue Can Tell review in the Jan 2011 archive which was worse. I guess there were more bad reviews than I thought.

Comment by Randy

It’s not all good news is it? Sometimes I wonder if these ‘reviewers’ have actually listened to the song, or do they just see the band name and think “oh no, not them again” and write something totally irrelevant. Probably. Cheers Randy.

Comment by fivehungryjoes

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