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June 30, 2015, 8:05 pm
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…Music Archive Collection was set up to bring back to life some long lost, out of print classic albums. Albums by artists such as ABBA, Big Country, The Style Council, The Jam and eh – one of Paul’s favourites – Wet Wet Wet.

Back in 2004, ‘A Happy Pocket’ by the Trashcan Sinatras was also given the nod to be re-released – it is a classic after all.

Most of these releases were interactive CD’s. Pop them into your Mac or PC and some additional material was available for you to peruse while listening to the audio. Don’t know what’s wrong with my copy but it disnae work.

It’s a very clever idea and may have been a godsend if you’d been searching for what was once, one of the elusive Trashcan albums. Not so, if you were the band. I can’t imagine they would’ve seen any of the proceeds from the sale of this edition.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

AHP_umac_01John gets all the credit (or Stephen perhaps)…

AHP_umac_02AHP_umac_08AHP_umac_03AHP_umac_04AHP_umac_06AHP_umac_07AHP_umac_052004 Polygram Records/Universal Music Company 80100947

May 24, 2015, 7:53 pm
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He may be on the front cover, but it’s not Brett Anderson’s ‘Trash’ we’re talking about – although Suede’s Trash is a damn catchy pop tune all the same.

No folks, we’re talking about a full page press advert for the Trashcans’ second album, ‘I’ve Seen Everything’ which appeared in the July edition of well-respected Japanese music magazine, Rockin’ On.

Rock on…

rockin_on0793drockin_on0793crockin_on0793bUnfortunately, I failed my Japanese exam at school so I can’t bring you the translation for this review of ‘I’ve Seen Everything’, which appeared in the same magazine – I’m sure it was decent though.

rockin_on0793aJuly 1993 Rockin’ On Magazine (Japan)

February 18, 2012, 12:16 pm
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US 8″ x 10″ promotional black & white publicity photograph featuring a great image of an early Trashcan Sinatras line-up: (Left to right; John Douglas, George McDaid, Paul Livingston, Stephen Douglas and Frank Reader).

This photograph, taken by Paul Cox, was used to promote the band during the Cake era.

1990 Polygram / Go! Discs / London Recordings

Tonight, You Belong To Me
December 3, 2011, 6:09 pm
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A very early promo cassette from Go! Discs featured the Trashcans’ version of ‘Tonight You Belong To Me’ – a song written in 1926 by lyricist Billy Rose and composer Lee David.

The song – widely known for its appearance in Steve Martin’s film ‘The Jerk’ – is a wee bit longer than the original composition and features Frank duetting with his sister Richael.

Some copies – like this one – came in a wee metal tin. Other artists included on the tape include The La’s, Orbital, Meat Puppets and a personal ‘favourite’, Bananarama.


1991 Go! Discs / London Records / FFRR Records / Polygram SAC383 (US)

Novas Tendencias
September 4, 2011, 10:45 am
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…is Portuguese for New Trends, and was a series of radio programmes hosted by José Roberto Mahr. It first began transmitting on September 1984 and aired every Sunday on a dozen or so stations throughout Brazil’s Radio JB network, with the intention of bringing Brazil the best in new music from around the globe.

This Polygram Records compilation was number two in a series of programmes aired in 1991/2, and included various artists from several labels under the Polygram umbrella including Go! Discs, Fontana, London and FFRR. Therefore we have the usual suspects like The La’s, The High, James and the Trashcans – represented here by, ‘Even The Odd’, from debut album Cake.

Very trendy!

Roughly translated as: ‘The first record on vinyl was the EP “Obscurity Knocks” in February 90, which was for several weeks in the independent charts of England. Pointed out as one of the best guitar bands of the year. This music and the album to debut “Cake”.’

A wee footnote: This LP was given a mention in Finn Hartley’s book. ‘Who’s He? an A-Z of The Trash Can Sinatras’

1991 Polygram Records Brazil 845 864-1

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